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Vaulted entry with log staircase (modified Pinecrest)#gallery bd1f67f3-3069-c1db-d862-507b857a2505
Dining room (modified Pinecrest)#gallery 3cc6f5df-f5aa-f0b6-ca4d-a845eba5e2e6
Dining room (modified Pinecrest)#gallery 43d37b62-2219-814d-6a2b-27c4fc344f86
Loft  (modified Pinecrest)#gallery f68002fa-ac6f-4775-0696-7adcd866719c
Upper bedroom (modified Pinecrest)#gallery 86f4673c-c0cf-271e-adff-17d090a85b95
Master bathroom (modified Pinecrest)#gallery 3c5d7532-2e31-be7b-c938-585546705b52
Dining room and loft (modified Pinecrest)#gallery f83b626e-ed6e-7738-16aa-5fae580dd17b
Kitchen (modified Victoria)#gallery 4d88a8c0-0fcf-edb7-d575-fa61fad683fe
Log stairway (modified Victoria)#gallery 60ce0e89-9dc7-3e13-2151-b26eb5ff2c07
Master bathroom (modified Westbury)#gallery 1d4c7bb9-9e4f-89fd-ba9e-e4aec1017bf2
Master bathroom (modified Westbury)#gallery 43d9c534-4aff-d54a-7fa4-7704eec23de2
Log stairway (modified Westbury)#gallery 0351a2ab-bd2f-41c2-576f-f8661a59c2fe
Kitchen (modified Westbury)#gallery d3d92e05-52c9-d003-9ea8-db8cf6e8f76f
Great Room (modified Westbury)#gallery 8629eb93-3901-3091-a611-6db6c9afdb79
Dining room (modified Westbury)#gallery 7d11b293-386f-30d1-83a9-2d6594c777db
Dining room and kitchen (modified Westbury)#gallery a0ae49b2-2d9e-1174-a0df-19ace12f06de
Master bedroom (modified Westbury)#gallery 0d1a8ec7-7e4a-4fa5-7960-bb458dd169bb
Master bathroom (modified Westbury)#gallery 8a2b8cd3-3870-3cc2-a691-4ebbb8525722
Entry foyer (modified Westbury)#gallery f4f788c3-3e25-ee01-70bd-7e69f7a3c0b0
Upstairs study (modified Westbury)#gallery c4388683-30a4-ba39-1749-d6816ddd7029
Loft (modified Westbury)#gallery 2e3d8b0d-daa9-d238-5f9e-1958e917506c
Bar (modified Westbury)#gallery a34fc34c-c30b-ffb3-f9dc-4384c5ed7af7
Basement family room (modified Westbury)#gallery 340df99a-acfb-c429-0408-745b0ff325d6
Basement bedroom (modified Westbury)#gallery 4cc0cb0a-a3bf-c700-ec86-b9eca6dc4eec
Kitchen (modified Westbury)#gallery fae1ddec-c549-8d0b-139a-ddf596fc8a82
Custom carved wood entry doors#gallery 37ea4059-9b76-f2e4-9128-c4a5bf89ced8
Log staircase with custom iron railings#gallery 119c3eeb-b611-3b91-d83c-0c4364df692f
Upper walkway with custom iron railings#gallery 58307b58-8251-4e3e-d6f1-76405c4e588d
Upstairs bathroom mirrors mounted on log purlin#gallery 9c8a9125-5052-4b6c-b734-1c8e7139689e
Upstairs bathroom (modified Westbury)#gallery 960b7138-851b-a97f-f54a-a08548f28ffb
Upstairs bathroom (modified Westbury)#gallery 573e614f-fb1b-446c-8416-f0d1eb6b6243
Great room from loft (modified Westbury)#gallery 2e3e1b8f-fa96-e5c4-e7e1-ec19a88f3587
Three storey log staircase looking up#gallery 5af644e9-9768-a31b-f12d-ca6a919acd0d
Pendant lamps hang over staircase#gallery ffccfd2a-a870-3068-7264-84c90d2462e0
Kitchen and dining area (modified Blue Ridge)#gallery dcfa27bf-faa7-f13b-651e-ce48b4bdb712
Fireplace separates living and kitchen (modified Blue Ridge)#gallery 0cadaca0-0ad7-05ab-2a06-3b9081cd62a1
Kitchen (modified Blue Ridge)#gallery 31ccf211-156f-980a-a35a-3eb3792f5e40
Great room from dining (modified Blue Ridge)#gallery 08662174-4b01-603b-eba2-a844f595d677
Entry foyer (modified Blue Ridge)#gallery 06a19bb3-33ef-d4b6-0058-1d0cbf586481
Lake front view (modified Blue Ridge)#gallery 9db3a7c8-873b-fd07-8d6f-d39e37298915
Kitchen in a post and beam log home#gallery 8359c79f-ffd7-e8f2-ef92-7feea704873b

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