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Framing around a steel moment frame#gallery 4a18a639-9362-5d7d-6bae-55bb8e605919
Building a masonry fireplace#gallery 1a9fbe10-0532-3e9d-3d66-c4a5ac1e1460
Log staircase#gallery a91c6aa3-38c4-829d-043c-fec59ec9ff89
Gable truss with roof purlins#gallery 437b735d-d0df-6bd3-49ae-5f7dc9648012
Nearly completed log shell in the log yard#gallery 8664e86c-c9d6-e615-5775-f31e9fa5757b
Settling space between a partition wall and a log beam above#gallery 45f6d6d3-3640-3eef-7c0b-b8298397214b
Log scissor truss with hardwood pegs#gallery 39ac2b67-7424-2f89-a202-9b2f80dc7550
Framing around fancy log work#gallery fb34e2fa-a668-4e1d-59dd-bc9fcae7ee5c
Placing a short ridge beam#gallery d52934ec-c54a-ab63-789e-aa23b06767e1
Custom window before trims installed#gallery c25ef73d-d183-d387-b117-83a55304c69e
Framing below log purlin end#gallery db21bb84-4388-1a06-bd1c-599a69482c19
Measuring for a wall log saddle cut#gallery c829a906-61ed-2dcf-c268-bacfbb74d0f8
Upper floor beams for a post and beam round log home#gallery a45af19f-f9eb-8447-504a-99f0e2745e8f
Log home on a farm: Alberta, Canada#gallery a55dcf72-2ab5-c3d3-c35a-394d5c1fd45a
45 degree corner notch#gallery 3d4c827d-d533-0744-2016-e490530eeb7b
Spiral log stairway being crafted#gallery 0850bc8c-c787-9b3e-1e32-7b464cea5e39
Spiral log stairway being crafted#gallery 4b892170-056f-4530-897c-127588eefcdd
Ridge beam against the sky#gallery 8d6aa313-3af7-7500-6cf9-9b011cfca7dd
Two storey log home with steel moment frame around garage doors#gallery 688c7b2c-c8be-391e-7a43-96c29368f364
Log purlins and ridge against the sky#gallery 45c9ce62-2774-1454-7eb7-092d3174efc9
Hip roof over an octagonal bay#gallery 8e558976-6ba0-fbec-ccb0-bdee3ccd68c4
Catching a ride#gallery c89df9d4-4bf0-4aa6-dc88-4e272593a5d3
Placing a purlin#gallery 2bfcae3e-ee25-dc1a-e3ea-3abb4a9b20e7
Birds eye view from the crane: the stacking crew#gallery 70a33b7a-aefc-d882-51c6-fc55f025c205
Mortised log principals#gallery 3dd8b6c6-6c74-b861-9e6d-a1b0f71cbc61
Log beam tenoned through post#gallery c796e672-20ad-8c4f-ed7a-7103c059f842
Flats and pitch cuts on a log beam#gallery 05a7cd4f-f198-acd2-d761-0f01da1c6c66
Mortise for a blind notch#gallery 57d389d8-89ce-f6d8-e562-bb306093abcc
Setup with a view#gallery b9ce7f72-2fb8-6c06-d54e-b50e718931dd
Handiwork on a ridge beam#gallery f714025b-b808-0d90-cf10-6ac91e51163c
Handiwork on log posts#gallery 354f27dd-d696-aa34-3d22-a0952faf5335
Mortise for a log post#gallery 3152cc71-149b-e9b6-9e4f-4ee69b7c8e44
Log beams with slot cuts for partition wall finish#gallery 8fd880b7-721e-ac00-94e3-57c77f82c921
Ridge beam with pitch cuts for roof rafters#gallery 63c51240-0863-56bf-ae25-aab045039707
Hip beam, log post, and stacked log walls all come together#gallery 93f1a9f1-1420-c9a2-d5ed-52909dc14346
Hip beams from inside#gallery cb3f840d-df4f-fc49-3578-00b3f521bcf6
Ridge and hip beams come together#gallery e4caceb6-6a01-028c-c1c5-20f017752f32
Character log post with cats-eyes#gallery 375fd8d8-87ed-1a2b-7840-ef13e8fe444f
Typical corner notching#gallery 66462e29-9b4b-d3d7-02dc-f0d93cbb50df
Burl log posts#gallery 4fb6fc89-9f8d-6264-5b60-b8cee7e53218
Log beams with flats for framing members#gallery da7f96bc-ca90-554c-f8f7-260f16fd1334
Log post with space over for screw jack#gallery bce3d4f2-2bb0-d164-fc53-214fb21215be
Unloading a truck#gallery a9eee2e4-4e6e-d38d-dae1-af5ef85b197f
Placing a top wall log#gallery d5809b19-92fc-c01a-d803-429abefe28e7
Finishing off the roof logs#gallery fc16e21c-c498-f054-ca5c-4e7d23d0849f
Carefully placing a ridge beam into a pocket#gallery 5418fd81-1efe-d942-4f84-e49ea47a299d
Pitch cuts on roof beams for roof rafters#gallery 2cdc4941-1d10-dce6-0967-25ce3417a3a0
Octagonal bay with half-height stacked walls and half-height posts#gallery 1339bf77-7d02-8c49-432f-7c669c77b07d
Peak of hip roof over octagonal bay#gallery 3cb63e3c-c431-137a-92bc-b61c58c7b651
Ridge beam with angled end#gallery 832e27b6-6024-f55e-55f9-6fcb08e8f20f
A mitred corner with tension rods over a log post#gallery fd9167d6-659c-8999-a005-dcf112fc7fae
Beam end with some character#gallery 8ef67c18-8fec-a741-e8b8-a72981d40b0e
Placing roof logs on a perfect day#gallery a069f432-23bc-c913-b1b3-a3271ffdf4e7
Lakeside site on a perfect day#gallery a2c5b18d-dede-26d8-c498-af7fec7237bc
Grinding a scarf cut#gallery 043167f9-9085-7f65-cfc5-224e6dffc2ee
Making flat cuts for slip trims around a window opening#gallery b1d62903-30e3-21e5-6139-c50e1b6ba5a7
Carefully placing a hip beam#gallery bf5fd9ac-c9bc-c4f6-531c-08e399f94c04
Small house and small garage on a hill top site (California)#gallery 03c24e92-2812-0676-fe8c-fc9fa0a37a7c
Pitch cuts on roof purlins aligned exactly#gallery 5c59a6f1-1ba7-f1d0-f4dc-e853e6b74dcf
Stacked log home with cantilevered curved top wall tails#gallery 4a97e4ee-e009-9206-d844-797e4b6b5700
Log staircase is pre-fabricated complete with railing#gallery a763d7c5-5a43-d801-b209-de790fb2c831
Nearly finished stacked log home with lots of deck and railing#gallery 344e7f62-2b78-3f8e-dbe4-0764ada5e58c
Grinding and sanding log ends at a doorway opening#gallery e76ba4eb-b9b9-b8f5-54a9-3a57f9270b94
Drilling for pinning a beam to a post#gallery efacbcf2-2eba-a5cd-4f88-181478ee5805
A long way down and not even from the top floor#gallery a5efa6d7-77d7-f1f0-1633-92c21f9f36d9
Stacking a home on a cold winter day: Alaska#gallery e14342ff-f863-7579-195d-35991e86f99d
Roof putlin with mortises and slot cuts#gallery 820f738b-ba4c-8a2c-4e00-275c62f817a9
Interlocking log splice connection#gallery 8ebc409e-e2f5-3a1d-02b6-ef0423df7aec
Finished log posts#gallery ffc363d1-1456-bee0-b6bc-e6422959174c
Crafting a home with stacked cedar logs#gallery b8800f5a-a35f-3f3b-128f-55ca8e3690fd
O Canada#gallery 9a2ad2e8-8d86-177b-b38f-8031acd03acf
Staircase gets lifted in one shot#gallery a24c2ec7-7dfc-b331-28d6-65e88e8e013b
Half-stacked walls for a large house (another finished log shell beyond)#gallery 226909e9-9a1e-006f-5119-05e21cb6ec89
Completed log shell for a large house#gallery 89223062-2254-349c-6bb1-b35d490ce1f1
Closeup of a precise post on beam connection#gallery 667e448f-fa4f-8cf2-7152-2e70b4af4d75
Pickets for a log railing#gallery 5519ff9c-c705-4ac1-19e4-eaea13fdd6a3
Small log truss#gallery 076ade70-0e6c-770d-aba2-4b6bf35af62f
Dovetail corner notch under construction#gallery 44344e12-25e0-a772-d7e0-0557e464d971
Lit like a cathedral#gallery 2ce999ce-efe2-c57d-3df2-7107efde46f0
Double height wall with log scissor truss#gallery aa355ff2-2086-fc05-7ba2-79599389f3bf
Birds eye view in the log yard#gallery b4d098c4-4db6-f7f5-9983-5722a7f03b4d
Placing an attic-style log truss#gallery 2133baac-c9d1-9f6e-74b4-9994c119c3ca
Large log truss#gallery eeab4aee-ef78-2de5-9c5d-3712762ec88d
Lots of logs#gallery 81f46535-522a-8c85-abe6-1982161637cd
Completed post and beam shell for a large house#gallery 6516b982-2de2-b839-d9ab-39d4f7282439
Large post and beam house with a view#gallery 5776f0e6-64c3-3848-3b0b-3efe972577d0
Attaching a railing post to a log staircase#gallery 7c40e7e8-8641-b1f9-19a4-954359d89324
Working on roof beams#gallery bc22d9e8-867e-942d-3eb7-2b52d86ab3be
Completed shell for a two car log garage#gallery 3fcea52c-cf5e-2335-c1c2-8cad10a24d7b

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