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Modified Pinecrest, northern California#gallery 21399a71-1318-838a-38b0-6a5981e9c926
Modified Pinecrest, northern California#gallery e0e48995-5aa1-edeb-4f52-098fef31f292
Modified Pinecrest, northern California#gallery 164ece50-0671-9f07-7cc3-31fc17cc5c00
Modified Pinecrest, northern California#gallery 92caa136-6727-e532-e947-c20e501b4bb5
Modified Pinecrest, northern California#gallery 698a668c-c0be-2c55-f869-1e420c6a68ae
Modified Pinecrest, northern California#gallery cd24d88e-e869-85cc-f1c3-ed97d02d047f
Vacation home (modified Victoria) southern California#gallery a7732d78-8c7c-641e-3fa9-fd8e44674e6f
Vacation home (modified Victoria) southern California#gallery b657b5ae-e9da-0f09-58da-f170cfe1ad2c
Vacation home (modified Victoria) Idaho#gallery 4a967845-5893-1147-3093-4d0c0ee48bbf
Cantilevered roof purlins#gallery b9bee6d3-37ab-fee7-fefb-eb0ebacc7aa1
Modified Westbury#gallery b34bac9f-f939-adb7-2a87-29da4eb18f63
Modified Westbury#gallery db6e3eb7-76f2-4c07-ec64-274407e096cc
Modified Westbury Georgia#gallery ab1f4120-0fbf-39c3-94ba-0746f9d81412
Modified Westbury Georgia#gallery da15fd24-449d-8cc4-0d06-20ff2304e74e
Modified Westbury Georgia#gallery b466b02a-aae0-da69-e2ff-9ac03ef4bd56
Modified Westbury Georgia#gallery fdf95319-945d-9474-38ed-18c133cda75e
Modified Westbury Colorado#gallery 974bd600-03bb-abfe-5716-f083259975bf
Modified Westbury Colorado#gallery 622c4d6c-c51c-ab85-76bf-6d4c05825a90
Home on a hillside British Columbia#gallery 3ff108ce-e04f-7540-38f1-c23c870afb1c
Entry porch (modified Westbury)#gallery 7050730d-d456-1a8c-c423-5cb692255802
Entry courtyard (modified Westbury)#gallery a1a6245b-be20-acec-5ee4-3557324122d9
Home on lake front (modified Eagles Nest) Washington State#gallery bc704925-5f61-e023-8e3a-38328a6ddc6d
Home on lake front (Blue Ridge), Georgia#gallery e043668c-cd66-4557-2c52-01ee9ab1ed32
Home on lake front (Blue Ridge), Georgia#gallery 9453c66d-d2d6-bce4-6b44-94a3074566f8
Home on lake front (Blue Ridge), Georgia#gallery 51b7a8b7-7d6c-c13f-f300-dfc848fcb928
Home on lake front (Blue Ridge), Georgia#gallery 5d4ea1ff-f974-b4d9-f6ec-7a26d4c0d93a
Home in the country (modified Guesthouse)#gallery e03c4d51-1565-7139-2fbd-c8e5294d11b5
Home in the country (modified Guesthouse)#gallery 3a473d2f-f3cb-edd5-7233-7d198cb08f62
Home in the country (modified Juniper)#gallery 2dfa071b-b183-210a-8ac1-ceefac842ee4

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