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What's Included in a
Timber Frame Home Package
The Log Connection supplies a complete timber frame similar to the one shown at right, which includes all the timber components, features, and services listed below. You will require a general contractor to finish your home to a "lock-up" or "turn-key" stage.
Design Services:
Design Customization & Complete Blueprints
Customization of the design, and complete blueprints (construction drawings) of your home are included in the price for the timber frame.
Complete design and blueprints
Timber Frame:
Main Timber Frame
  • Squared timber construction
  • All posts, beams, and braces are constructed of Douglas Fir
  • Wall height as per plans (approx 9'-6" +-)
Upper Floor Frame
  • Douglas Fir timber second floor joists
  • Douglas Fir timber second floor beams
Roof Timber Frame
  • Douglas Fir timber ridge beams
  • Douglas Fir timber roof purlins
  • Timber log trusses
  • Truss bolting hardware
  • Timber support posts
Timber Trusses, Arches, Braces
The number and extent of these timber accents vary widely from design to design
Interior Stair: (optional)
  • One interior log or timber staircase
  • Log or timber railings for interior staircase (optional)
  • NOTE: railings for exterior stairways NOT included
Interior Guard Railings: (optional)
  • Log or timber railings around interior openings to below as shown on plan
  • Log or timber posts for interior railings
Exterior Deck Railings: (optional)
  • Timber or log railings around exterior decks as shown on plan
  • Log or timber newel posts for exterior deck railings
  • NOTE: railings for exterior stairways NOT included
Other Services:
Pre_Delivery Services
  • Full visual inspection of timbers during tagging and numbering.
  • Final spot sanding and cleanup before shipping.
  • Apply non-hazardous wood treatment to prepare for staining, maintain color and deter mold and fungus growth.
Delivery Advisor
  • Our pricing includes on site technical assistance for the entire re-assembly of the timber frame package.
  • On-site for the duration of timber frame package re-assembly.
  • Advisors will assist in the erection of the timber frame package and offer on site technical information.
  • After the erection of the timber frame, our advisors will finish the on site detail work and consult with your general contractor to ensure a full understanding of the framing and finishing details required for a timber frame home.
What's Not Included in the Timber Frame Price?
Is the cost of transporting the timber frame to my site included in the price?
No, the cost of shipping the package by truck (or boat or rail) is not included in the price, as it varies hugely depending on the distance from our log yard to your building site. We can obtain an estimate once we know where your building site is located.
Do you offer turnkey services (General Contractors)?
No, The Log Connection does not build the entire home. We provide the timber frame package only, as listed above.
Is the fireplace included?
No, this is purchased locally
Can you supply the stone?
No, this is an extremely heavy product to transport. Shipping fees will exceed the product cost.
Do you do the foundation?
No, The Log Connection requires that the foundation and sub-floor be in place upon arrival of the log shell package.
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